How do I look blah?

1. No rating with numbers
2. No racism
3. Tired eyes because well, I was (the cover pic is better for that lol)
4. Don't tell me to compensate with personality and stuff, because i am personable enough, thank you
5. In case you are wondering, height is 179 cm
6. The camera was a 5MP one, so the pic probably wouldn't be too clear on a bigger screen such as a laptop/ comp or even a tablet


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  • You're pretty attractive though your background picture looks better than your profile pic. And it's kind of hard to tell someone how they look when you give us a million guidelines and tell us not to leave our own personal thoughts/options.

    You just basically want compliments.

    • ha ha ha, i never thought of it that way, but subconsciously maybe, i apologise if I give that douchy vibe. Its just the internet (not just this forum) is filled with people who thrive on being racist and extremely offending simply to compensate for their not so great lives in real. I wanted to avoid such people.

      well, Thank you and you are a beautiful girl yourself :)

    • Thanks 😊

      I was just going to say I know you're muscualr do you must workout or play sports so some people might say you give off hat docuhebag vibe but you seem like a nice guy and you're extremely fit.

      And if I did have the ability to rate you I would've given you an 8.5

    • actually yes, i have put in a lot of effort, i lost weight from 120 kgs since 1.5 years back and a decent athlete too, and to be honest, I must be the complete opposite of douche lol since i have never even dated a girl and am a little studious

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  • Sure you look pretty good, though
    "Don't tell me to compensate with personality and stuff, because i am personable enough, thank you"
    look at that sasss

  • Great face actually


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