How to pop a blackhead?

I've tried, and it hurts like hell and doesn't even pop... What should I do? They're not only on my nose, they're on the part of my cheeks right next to my nose... how do I get rid of them?

Do blackhead extractors work instead of squeezing with your nails?


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  • usually if you hold a very hot washcloth over it for a long time (10 min) you can work it out by GENTLY pressing on the skin around it with a fingernail. If it is stubborn and big, you can poke the blackhead with a needle that was dipped in alcohol (not deep) and this usually loosens it up so you can work it out.


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  • if it hurts a ton it's either not ready to be squeezed or not a black head.

    when I've squeezed them it may hurt a bit but not much and doesn't require much pressure to get it going...
    you could...
    --use blackhead face wash
    -- you could just wait til ready
    -- you could use some sort of acne spot treatment stuff (I use Johnson and Johnson clean and clear and it works pretty well)
    -- another thing my most used to do is take a wet warm to hot wash cloth and just press it on the area. it would take about a 1/2 hour (constantly re-soaking the cloth with warm to hot water) but it would sort of push the black head further to the surface so popping it was easier

    be careful about popping blemishes. it can scar your skin

    • you want to squeeze them though not pop.
      also you can try the blackhead strips (little strips in the face hygiene section that you stick to your face and they're suppose to remove blackheads) although they haven't worked great for me

      if you have access to a steam room that can also help open your pores and making squeezing easier

    • They've been there for ages, and I've used a face wash that says it gets rid of blackheads. I have also used an acne treatment wash x

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  • The squeeze strategy is a bit different for s blackhead. It does not pop like a whitehead does. Take you time try to get under it and squeeze from side to side. You pretty much have to work it out rather than depending on back pressure. Be sure to clean it well when you are done.

  • You wanna have a really hot shower.. Put a towel under the door and close the windows and lock them. The heat and steam opens up your pores and you can get rid of them. My nose has loads on there, and week by week I'm ericating them.

    • Do you only have to apply heat? You don't have to squeeze them or pop them?

    • Once your skin is heated and your pores are open they should be able to be squeazed easier.

  • Open your pores and push them out. You don't pop em.

    • How do you push them out?

    • soak a clean wash cloth with warm-hot water and place the cloth over your face to open your pores. After you push down

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