Does my nose look bad, should I get some kind of surgery on it?

I'm no stranger here, I've asked if I'm ugly before, everybody says no, I look fine, good, average, and some even like me. My biggest issue with myself is my nose, I've not liked it personally since it's gotten as big as it has, and now I got people tell, its unattractive, its bulbous, its big, huge. somebody's even told me I should get surgery on it. I do feel like I might look better with a different nose, but even then this one is the one that I've always had and I don't know if I want to do surgery to correct something that's not even wrong. so what should i do yo? its kinda bothering me, like I feel like it does make me unattractive, like really unattractive.


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  • Don't overthink we all have hangups with some part on our body just be happy with all the good parts on your body

  • How would we know what your nose looks like? There's no picture here.

    • is there a way to slip my picture into the post, I had one in there but I guess it deleted itself, or I hit something and it deleted, I don't know I didn't do it intentionally. I need some hard-hitting answers.

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    • I got you thank you. there's a link to the picture I tried to put in, I already know I look rough, I had a heart problem 3 weeks ago and sleep has not been my friend lately, couple that with my haircut and a lazy eye, I'm not looking too great in this picture I get that but all I'm asking is an opinion on my nose. Thanks again for telling me how to slip my picture in the something I forgot.

    • I just looked at your picture. Dude, you look perfectly normal. You aren't a Hollywood leading man kind of guy, you just look like a normal guy. If I passed you on the street, I would not notice you for any reason.