Girls, Do you notice mens bulges?

I hope i do not come across arrogant about this because quite frankly if i could reduce the size i would!
My problem is i have quite a Large bulge and as its summer i have a harder time hiding it with coats, jumpers, and other kinds of big clothing. I just wanted opinions from you as to what you would think seeing my bulge. Im worried women passing and glancing will think im errect or something or think its big and disgusting. They all seem to look and try to get out of the way as soon as possible.
First honest reactions to this picture is greatly appreciated its taken a lot for me to post this so please take this into consideration, thank you and *breathe* here you go...

  • Looking at it because they like it
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  • Id look only cause its natural to look, its no different then when a guy looks at a woman's breast or her ass. Its there so sometimes i notice, and sometimes i dont. So i wouldn't worry too much.

    • I think I know now that its noticeable i just wonder what they are thinking when they do see it. Id hate to be offending anyone

    • I wouldn't find a guys bulge offensive, and i dont think a lot of other women do either. Its kind of intriguing to us when we do notice a bulge in a mans crotch. And whether erect or not im sure its fine, but each of us is different some more sexual than others, but like i said your good

    • I get what you mean its just i dont think i can cover it any better as its 6 inches flaccid and pretty thick so i guess i will have to do what i can still and if people look they look i guess it just kills me because i dont know what they are thinking

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  • I don't really notice.

    • Thats good!! But do you mean in that picture or in life you dont notice mens bulges?

  • I look because it is there. It is only natural.

    • Thank you but the reactions i get kead me to believe that its horrible and i should cover it

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    • I can only imagine. It would be like me trying to hide my boobs. I can wear tops that are not supposed to show cleavage, but it is still there...

    • You should message me you have a good outlook and views!

  • Of course I'd take a peek or two.