Who is the most physically attractive male or female (or both) you've seen in your life?

I'm talking about overall physical attraction, taking aesthetics, body shape, weight, hair, etc. I mean the ultimate jaw-dropper. I can't think of one, but I think celebrities are extremely overrated.

1. Did you date this person?
2. Did you know this person?
3. Did you want to know this person but never did get to know them?
4. How old were they (roughly)?
5. Is it a famous person?

If you have it/can, post a photo of this person.

You have to answer every question to get MHO (you don't have to post a photo to get MHO but it does help.)

@abc123334523334 You were the only person to answer the initial question AND the following questions. Plus, you were detailed. Thanks.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. did not date them
    2. They were a friend, not a close friend but still talked to them.
    3. The other extremely attractive people that basically tie for most attractive I didn't really know. I knew their name maybe or said hi a few times but that's about it :/ and yes, always wanted to know them cuz they were hot lol but also cuz they seemed like nice people.
    4. They were a couple years older than me
    5. Haha no they were not famous

    • Thank you for MHO! 😊

    • Ha it was no problem! I'm glad I could help you out some

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What Girls Said 3

  • Harry Styles. And Zac Efron oh my god.

    1. Did you date this person? No
    2. Did you know this person? No
    3. Did you want to know this person but never did get to know them? What?
    4. How old were they (roughly)? Then? In his 20's I think
    5. Is it a famous person? Yes Sir

    • Regarding question number three, what don't you understand about that question? It's straightforward.

    • I don't know, I've been working all day and I'm tired haha sorry. I live in England and it's 3:24 AM here, haha. Ugh, I have to go to bed. I'll answer you tomorrow ;)

      Good night/Day ! ;)

  • 1. No I did not date
    2. We were acquaintances
    3. I did not want to go out with them because I felt bad for being overly focused on their looks and I know you should not base a relationship on physical attraction.
    4. EXACTLY the same age as me
    5. He wasn't famous but had an excellent reputation.

    • See, I couldn't see a guy "feeling bad" because he might put too much of a focus on physical attraction lol. That's usually all we care about.

  • 1. Did you date this person? No
    2. Did you know this person? Yes
    3. Did you want to know this person but never did get to know them? It's my friend :)
    4. How old were they (roughly)? I got to know her when she was 17, but now she is 19.
    5. Is it a famous person? No :p


What Guys Said 7

  • Most attractive female i ever seen is Carmella Rose
    1. I wish, in my dreams
    2. nope dont know her
    3. Yes most definitely hey you never know!
    4. she is 19... my age
    5. She is a model, so yeah kind of, but she isn't too famous



  • Impossible to name just one person. But here is what "my type" would look like if i only dated one group of girls


    ^That kind of style/figure/faces are what i see as most attractive, bar none

    • 1. Did you date this person? I wish
      2. Did you know this person? No
      3. Did you want to know this person but never did get to know them? eh never met them so i can't really say
      4. How old were they (roughly)? 20's
      5. Is it a famous person? not really

    • She's cute! I agree, it's impossible to just name one.

  • I haven't seen her in 25 years but a girl in my local area
    (1) Didn't date her
    (2) I knew her to talk to through mutual
    (3) As above
    (4) About a year younger than me
    (5) Not famous
    (6) No pic

  • 1. Wanted to but lost my balls.

    2. Yes, worked with her.

    3. Knew her, but not how I wanted to.

    4. 20 when I first met her. But at first I thought she was about 16.

    5. No. But she was better looking than any famous person. Her sister did some modeling.

  • Male: Me
    Female: This arab girl I saw in the mall

    1. No I didn't; I'm ashamed to say I didn't approach her. She locked eyes with me and wanted me to say hi to her so badly, too.
    2. Nope, but I could have.
    3. Meh, I guess. She was a cute bint, but I can't exactly say that I was driven mad at the idea of could have/should have.
    4. If I had to guess I'd say between 19 and 20. I was turning 22 at the time.
    5. No she wasn't.

  • 1) Instantly yes
    2) No, but I may soon
    3) So far this is the story
    4) Anywhere from 20-24
    5) No, she works at a local Home Depot

    The moment I saw her I was like "dam... I'm gonna try to make her my wifey."

    Hasn't happened yet.

  • I think you look 17, you're cute! ☺️

    • You have to be joking, right? People tell me I love a decade older than I am (they always have thought that. When I was 17, people thought I was about 27 or so lol.)

    • This posted in the totally wrong topic wtf LOL my bad

    • LMFAO I was about to say... what? Lol.