Girls, do you find me attractive? 1 - 10?

Girls, do you find me attractive? 1 - 10?I've always been pretty insecure, but I've recently lost a lot of weight, so my self confidence has gotten a lot better, so please be honest! No sugar coating!
But i was just wondering what girls think of my face alone. So please rate me from 1 - 10. And if you don't find me particularly attractive, I'm open to any suggestions on how i can improve my look. Thanks!

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  • 6 (slightly above average)
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  • Well, you look cute to me :) I rated nine, just ignore the others


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  • Take better photos! The quality makes you a5 when you could have been a 7 or 8 even.
    pink/Orange lighting looks good on no body.
    also you should change your diet or something, more anti inflammatories like green tea, blue berries and salman, cause your skin looks all swollen

  • I'd say you're more or less average, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    • True, true.

      But do you have any suggestions that might make me more attractive?

    • I don't know bro, sorry :/

    • That's alright. Dont sweat it

  • I rated you a 6, a great personality could bump you up to an 8 easily though so don't dwell on your looks so much, personality is where it's at.

    • Yes, i know personality is important (or at least that's what everyone says), but how is someone going to be able to find out my personality in this first place if they reject me because of my looks before even knowing what my personality is like?

    • I know it always seems like it's because of your looks, but I assure you it's not. Your body language and general demeanor says more about you than your mouth does. I've been with guys way worse off as far as looks go, but they were attractive to me because of how they carried themselves. If you focus on being comfortable and confident in your environment (not cocky mind you) it really draws a lot of attention because most people are not that comfortable with themselves.

  • I rated you a 6, but the picture isn't good quality. The lighting makes your skin look uneven and reddish. Also maybe getting a haircut or different hairdo would help :) in my opinion :)

    • Yes, the lighting is weird. But I'm not good at taking selfies and i don't really have any proper photos.

      For the record, my skin isn't reddish at all, and it doesn't gleam like that. But ik that's what it looks like in the picture :/

    • I know :) but I think you're attractive :) it's just the photo

  • I just think you should take a better selfie but it seems like you're an attractive dude

  • pretty eyes
    Congrats on the weight loss!

  • A better picture would be nice other than that u seem cute no reason to be insecure

    • Yes, it is a bad picture. If i can get a good one taken, I'll upload it :)

      But anyway, thankyou! I don't actually have red, shiny skin like that. I'm not exactly tan, but i do have a pretty even skin tone :P

    • Ha-ha ya I would like to c a better picture and I didn't think u would look that sunburnt 😝

    • I'm not even sunburnt though 😧 lol

  • You are handsome, guy...

  • I give you a 6 :D just need to learn how to take better pictures

  • I'd give you a six for just physical appearance alone but there are bonus points for personality. :)

    • I'll take it. A 6 is still above average 😅

  • You are cute.

    • Thankyou! Does anything really stand out? Do you see things that i could try to improve?

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