Who is the Hottest Male Gager on Gag?

I know there are many hot gagers out there but just want to see the poll results

  • Hypnotrip
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  • klaatu
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  • Subzero
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  • BertMacklinFBI
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  • Iron Man
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  • IllusiveMan
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  • The Grumpy cat (I love you)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I know i'm not hot i don't know why i'm on this poll. Even if you're trying to be nice i feel humiliated. It's about time i leave GaG again.

    • I hope you don't leave. I really like you and this was a stupid poll anyway. <3

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    • Noooo don't leave

    • Bro, chill. My name is on that too, even everybody knows the cats cannot use Internet.

      And i haven't posted a single photo of myself here!

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