Tell me what you think about this pic &read this?

So the guy i like usually like pics of girls that look like this most of the time (some are classy looking). He claims he wants wifey material girls but these are the type of stuff he likes i mean she's a gorgeous girl (she has pretty pics)... but is he just attracted to them or do you think he would wife up something like this up if he got the chance. I thought girls who are wifey material dont pose half naked on social media but im old school.. i mean i dress class
Tell me what you think about this pic &read this?

y... im a little thin (not 100 percent his type) but i dont get attention from him 💁


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  • For a good amount of men,

    There's a difference between girls they want to fuck and girls they want to wife.

    Girls they want to fuck
    Are usually half naked and showing their goods.
    If they had opportunity they would not decline the invitation to bang her.
    But would they ever take her seriously in a relationship?
    The answer is no because they wouldn't want to date her.

    Girls they want to wife,
    Usually show less.
    If they have exposed skin it's done in a tasteful manner.
    This is the girl they would bring him and would take seriously in a relationship.

    The girl you posted is attractive.
    If she has other photos of herself covered up then she's probably "wife" material in his eyes.
    In all of her photos consist of her showing skin, then probably not.


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  • Sometimes , people need to stop worrying about class or if that makes him/her a certain material when the truth is you're born with whatever material you are made of.

    That's who she is and I say... why not!
    I don't think posing "half naked" would make someone not marriage material.
    HELL , if anything she's honest to herself. I for one would rather be in touch with someone's core instead of whatever facade or socially accepted norm people put on.

  • When guys are young they are experimenting and will probably "like" styles like this but would want to settle down with wifey mateiral. Real life more complex than that noone can predict who they will fall for or settle down with, what people will be like in a few years etc.

  • People's definition of wifey materiel varies.

    For some guys, wifey material is a decent looking woman that will stay home and cook and clean and only leave the house when he is with her.

    For other guys wifey material is simply a girl that most guys he know, finds her attractive, and for some guys, a girl with tons of tattoos and who loves posting pics of her tattoos is wifey material.

    It varies and often changes as the guy gets older and mature more...

  • Wifey material has no boundaries


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  • Why are you even posting someones pic without their consent?
    Anyways, just cause she posts pics like that doesn't mean she's not wifey material.

    • 👀 crap how do you delete stuff on here.

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