What products work best for oily/mildy blemished face and if you have oily skin how do you take care of it?

I have a really oily t zone and sometimes my cheeks get really oily and my pores are becoming big but due to this, I'm starting to get little blemishes and bumps along my cheeks and jawline and now have these little dark spots. Can anyone with skin like mine or similar please help me out.
What products do you use? What is your skin routine?


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  • wash with dandruf shampoo in the shower. use it on the skin of your face, shoulders, back. It will help with any acne from the oily skin

    • Woah seriously?

    • yes, try it. They work for some and not others. They are cheap, effective, and won't hurt you if they don't work. All the things that they put in them to combat dandruff are things that help with acne. But remember to rinse it off well. That is why I suggest doing it in the shower but if you rinse your face in the sink you'll be fine too.
      If you have oily skin on your back or chest, it is great for there too.

    • Wow thanks a lot

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  • I have oily skin on my cheeks and forehead. Normally i try to wash my face after I workout. If you don't then try washing it once in the morning and once before going to bed. The product I use is called st. ives blemish control apricot scrub


  • have you tried a toner in between washing and moisturizing?

  • use a moisturizer after washing.