I keep on thinking that I'm ugly and worthless, how can I change my mind?

Everyday I feel that no guy likes me becuase my lack of beauty , flirting skills, and attraction. Most of the time the only time a guy wants me around for is only for sex but I say no (I'm a virgin still) . Like If I'm afraid if i turn a guy down who "likes" me, I'm scared I won't become a good enough girlfriend to someone. I really want my heart to feel confident in finding a date.

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  • You shouldn't do any of these things. If you got a mirror, look at yourself everyday in it and say "you're beautiful". Try to stay positive and smile everyday. :) <3


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  • You shouldn't do either of those options. (Which is why I didn't vote). You have to love yourself before someone can love you. The happiness in yourself/making yourself feel good will make others want to be around you. After a while someone will ask you out because you are true to yourself. I hope this helps.

  • Everyone feels like that sometimes - Try to learn to accept yourself and your confidence will grow


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