Rate her 1-10, how does she look?

Any suggestions for improvement?
Rate her 1-10, how does she look?
P. S :- don't be mean! :P


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  • This drawing is so awesome. I wish she was mine. Hopefully she won't cringe as I try to bust a rhyme.

    That detachable left hand screams pure class.
    The feet's perspective shading hints her sass.
    The 7 fingers on her right must multitask well.
    With that awesome hair doo, I wonder if she often jells.

    The nose is so perfect, so pointy, yet smooth
    While her daring eyes tempt at you yet sooth
    Clearly she's my "dream girl" as it says on her chest
    Those black lips with slight smile are surely the best

    Is that a medal clinging her model neck
    A prize for winning the "Girl-who's-the-best"
    I'm running out of things to write or to say
    So, keep drawing art and have a nice day


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