Should I grow my hair out?

I went and got a pixie cut, which was about a foot of hair I lost. Now it's more of a disconnected guys cut. I got it because I felt too feminine, I wanted to be able to look masculine, feminine, or in between when I wanted to. I'm a lesbian, and I guess my look is androgynous. I can go feminine, but more often I'm more masculine. I feel like it's be weird. to have my long hair back again, but I feel like I need to know what it feels like again, to make sure I'm making the right choice to have short hair. All my guy friends say I should grow it out, although Idon't know if them not knowing I'm a lesbian effects that. I got this hair cut cause it felt right to my identification but I feel curious what it'd be like with long..

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  • I have been doing pixie cuts since 16 and never looked back, it felt feminine and easy to maintain, I get the urge to grow it out too and sometimes I do, but I always go back to the Hepburn pixie, and everyone agrees it looks gorgeous with my heart shaped face.

    Grow it out or photo shop long hair If you want, but if you like your currant hairstyle or at least the maintenance of it you'll go back to it in the end of you are anything like me haha.


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  • I like long hair usually

    • Well, she said she's a lesbian, so do you honestly think she cares about what guys want?

  • Tbh, I think short hair looks terrible on women so I think you should grow it out

    • To each his own, but I thought Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn looked gorgeous with pixies

    • My style is very tomboyish.. so I don't know how well the long hair would pair with that

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