How do I look? How old do I look? All questions combined with Poll?

So this will be my last time posting about how I look. I just had a few more questions about how I look.
For pic 1- I feel I look so young, how old would you think I would be if you saw me in person?
Pic 2- I've been trying to be more healthy. 5'1, 105 pounds, 32-25-34. I feel this is good, but I'm mostly conscious about my thick legs. Can they pull off those type of shorts I have on?
Pic 3- This pic I just want your opinion. I've never really been into selfies. lol But would you call that pic attractive? There's also a poll if you don't feel like giving an honest opinion.. XD

Thanks y'all for your input! I just want to know individual opinions. I know each person has a different view.

How do I look? How old do I look? All questions combined with Poll!?



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Most Helpful Guy

  • "Thick legs"? Uh no dear. They're nice Asian girl legs and are fine for those shorts. You look about 18 in the first pic. In the 3rd much older, maybe 23 or so.

    I'm biased though cuz I'm totally infatuated and obsessed with Asian girls☺️😍❤️


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What Guys Said 6

  • Age - 17/18
    I think your body and legs are fine.
    I think pic 3 very attractive.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback :-)

  • U look fine and very different on all pics

    • Yeah, each picture I look really different. But that's how I truly look in each of the outfits/poses.

  • You're not my type. You look 30. Maybe it's your hairstyle choice and you need braces. You asked for honesty.

    • Thank you! AndI just had jaw surgery that expanded my upper jaw, which explains the gaps. But they will be closed. Other than that, my teeth are all very straight. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so thank you for your honesty! :)

  • I think he bigges turn off for me was the teeth, it ruins your smile

  • well you do need to work on those teeth.

    • Yes! And it's just the spacing a from my double jaw surgery that they need to close back up.

    • okay good luck with that, you look nice other than that. :)

    • Thank you :)

  • very nice!


What Girls Said 4

  • Pic 1: I would've guessed 15/16

    Pic 2: You are at a healthy weight and your legs look great. The shorts are also cute.

    Pic 3: That's a beautiful photo of you :) The red lipstick looks good on you plus it makes you look 18/19!

    • THANK YOU. That's the best/most detailed answer yet. :-) And yeah, I can look either very young, or actually my age. Haha.
      by the way, you're really pretty! :-)

    • No worries!! Yeah, it really depends on the clothes, make-up and facial expression. And thanks :)

    • The only makeup I wore in any of those photos was in the last one. I had red lip stick in that one. I don't like wearing a lot or any makeup. but makeup can definitely change people's looks!

  • body face look good
    but you need braces girl
    you look 18

  • You've got a pretty nice body. I do think you should get braces though.

    • And you're really cute too.

    • Thank you! And I actually had jaw surgery about two months ago, and I do still have braces. Don't worry, the gaps will be closed off. :)

  • you're cute.

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