Girls, Which haircut do you think looks better/should I get?

I'm using Johnny Depp as an example because we have a similar hairline & texture.

Which do you think looks better, and which looks better on Johnny?


Girls, Which haircut do you think looks better/should I get?



There's better pics I could have used but I didn't feel like searching to find the best ones, whatever you get the idea.

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I'm a Girl
My hair looks like the middle pic in the long section.


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  • Well u need to keep the shape of your face and style in mind. Like maybe long hair makes your face long and thin so you should opt for short or if you're style is that bad-bay-rocker-long-hair style or not


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  • I really like the second from the top!

  • long hair looks so nice on some but not on depp

    • Really? So who looks good with long hair as a guy?

    • akanishi jin
      kamenashi kazuya
      domoto koichi
      sakurai sho

    • There were so many mean things that came to mind when I was looking & judging you're selection on Google, so I'm going to say the least meanest.

      Those guys look like they haven't gone through puberty even though they all are over 30 and the way they style & have there haircut would only be passable for a 13 year old girl because they all lack masculinity in there hairstyles (at least from what I seen on Google).

      I guess that was still pretty mean, sorry.

  • definitely shorter.

  • I like it longer. Even though my hair is even shorter than that haha. I do love hairstyles that are on the shorter side but very choppy and rugged looking. But generally I like a guy with longer hair.

  • Long hair I use to talk to a guy with long hair he looked sexy

    • You're in the minority when it comes to long hair on guys and I already knew that before posting this question, but I am shocked & saddened that girls would prefer short hair on Johnny Depp of all people.

      Because if women prefer Depp with short hair (and he's got some of the nicest hair for a guy) then I might as well call the barber tomorrow.

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    • I didn't ;)

    • You didn't cut your hair that's good

  • the short one.

    • Which one, the 1st or the slightly longer 2nd?

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