Under 18 gagers only , How does my friend look?

This is my best friend she is wondering how she looks she's one of those real quite and shy types so I told her i'll do it for her so how does she look?
She is also using my tablet to take pic she loves taking pics she hates posting them herself 😇😊☺
Under 18 gagers only ,How does my friend look?

  • 💝💖 her hair she is so pretty
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  • She looks alright☺
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  • Awesome😀
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  • So gorgeous💗💕💕💞💋💝💖💜
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  • She is so ugly 😟😔😢
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  • Not my type 😒
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  • Other please specify 😶😮
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  • I like how you specified "under 18." It seems like you're just as annoyed with the divide as I am. I hate when a girl under 18 asks how they look and then everyone over just starts freaking the fuck out as if it's a crime to find someone under 18 attractive. They'll say things like "I can't answer this because you're under 18!" It's not illegal or creepy to find someone under 18 attractive, there isn't some random physical process that takes place over night on your 18th birthday lol. People are just paranoid. Anyway I think she's pretty. Nothing like super amazing but above average,

  • She looks under 18.

    Gosh I'm such a rebel.

  • Not really my type but she is definitely not ugly!

  • She looks alright


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