Can plastic surgery change your face completely?

I want to change my bone structure cause quite frankly I'm really ugly. I have pondered to get some surgery to change my face to something less ugly and more manly. I look like a damned kid too boot. I know I can work on my body but what good is a nice body when you have a bad face. I want to look somewhat better. I'd rather get like the least ammountof changes done that actually change my appearance a bit.

I dont really know. Cheekbone implants? nose job? I already have a pretty prominent jaw... and also my eyes are too big... is the a surjery to make them smaller?

I dont realkly wanna model or anything of that sort but I just dont want to be inferior anymore

P. D. If you're gonna try to talk me out of it your wasting your time I'm gonna do what I want anyways. and no I won't get deformed I know plenty of people with surgeries that look great


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  • Yes, it can completely change how you look other than drastically changing your skin color (from what I know).

    About the eyes thing, they can't actually make your eyes smaller, but they can perform surgeries around your eyelids to make them appear smaller.

    You should do some research online to find one near you. I'm not sure if they're free, but I know most surgeons will allow you to meet with them and talk about what exactly you want and how it will be done. There's probably some kind of fee for that meeting, but I'm sure it won't be too much, and since you're already prepared to spend a decent amount on the surgery (s), it shouldn't be that big of an issue.


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  • I can change... but it's expensive, and mighttt go wrong... but up to you, good luck


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    • thats just an extreme case lol

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    • actually that was a woman with a lot of money and a woman with top surgeons, plastic surgery while i dont completely disagree with it... on your face is like playing with Fire.

    • @LonelyLillie13
      that's very true.

      I've seen some good before and afters and I've seen some pretty bad ones like what I posted.

      But he did say he's made up his mind on this.

  • Workout and drop body fat, those cheek bones will come out.

    • I dont have to drop fat. I weight 135 pounds...

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    • Do you even know what 6% look like? I'm 10% and that's considered low, 6% is extremely low. The only type of people that get down that low are bodybuilding physique competitors.

      Anyways, good luck on your surgery.

    • yes i have a permanent eightpack to be honest and i have a metabolic desease (thyroid) that doesn't allow me to gain fat I used to weight 108 at my height, yikes

  • Instead of paying a shit ton of money for surgery that won't make you anymore attractive, why not try building confidence. The only thing that keeps you from women liking you isn't your looks it's your attitude towards life. I mean this what I felt two years ago and by working out and building my testosterone levels I felt more confident and women responded well to it. While making your face more attractive will help if your confidence isn't there it isn't going to do anything.

    • soryr fude if your confident but ugly you're still ugly maybe you looked decent but wherent asking girls out or something. I'm trully ugly soo lno ammoutn of confidence is gonna help

    • Literally, women hardly care about what your face looks like. All they care about is your personality and you seem like a pretty shallow person considering all you care about is how your face looks. If you're going to refuse all the advice we give here, don't even bother asking.