Which phrase do u like most (tattoo)?

I want a rib cage tattoo.
What phrase do u like the most and why

  • laughter is poison to fear
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  • a quitter never wins a winner never quits
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  • when humor goes there goes civilization
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  • To be perfectly honest with you. I think they are all very shit ideas for a Tatoo.

    If you're going to get something permenantly etched into your flesh, Its needs to be deep and personal, have a story behind it ya know?

    Not just the first shitty phrase you could find on google xD

    • A story behind it? Really? It should have a meaning not a story behin. It

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    • But you know what dude, If you want one of them, i say go for it, Its your life, and you do whatever makes you happy, But, If it were me i would not.
      The way i see it, I am, (And maybe you too), Are to young to get tatoos, Not from like a morale standpoint or anything, But quite simply we haven't experienced a whole lotta life ya know?
      So, Why rush into getting a tatoo now, When we could get one say, mid to late 20's when we have done a lot more stuff in life and probably have a WAYYY better idea for a tatoo? Thats how i look at it anyway.

      But, If you like those quotes, Get one, But personally i just think getting tatoos of quotes you found off google to be very,... ''cheesy''. I see girls walking round with them all the time and they make me cringe the fuck out, But when i see girls with very beautiful tatoos that have deep meaning and a story behind it, I think ''Fuck yeah !, Thats awesome!''.
      Like i said matey, Its gonna stick with you forever, make it good ;)

    • Got it i like cheesy , and the way i see it.. you can express yourself with tattoos, it is art, art is a form of expression, my phrase has a meaning to me bc i wanna always remember how important is humor no matter how fuckin fearful life can be, there is no story, but it motives me to keep living my own life story and laugh my fuckin way through it u know

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  • I like option A

  • I have a few suggestions:

    "tattoos with stupid quotes are easy to make fun of"

    "Basic white girl tattoo"

    "This will be illegible in 30 years"

    "I will regret this decision"

    "Who the hell will read this anyway"

  • Get a tattoo with invisible ink.

  • Of the three.. the first one.

  • None of these are all that appealing to me, but I get how A and C could suit the rib cage theme 'cause of laughing, but these are otherwise not that good.

  • just get a big dick on your side

  • Amat vitoria curam

  • I only understand the second one.


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