How can I change up my look?

I want to change up my look for my junior year of high school I just got my hair cut to shoulder length. I usally wear my hair down hardly straighten it or use heat on it usally not verry much makeup eyeliner, mascara , eyeshadow and usally light eyeshadow. I can't wear dark makeup because it won't come off. And usally I wear tank tops, tshirts, v-necks with skinny jeans , yoga pants or short and I wear converse , flip flops or my moccasins. I just want something diffrent but makes me look Femine but not inappropriate and beautiful and noticeable.


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  • You should get some sort of trademark to be notieable.. Like maybe some type of barrette or ribbon to put in your hair? Have clothing rules. show little or to no cleavage? No short shorts? Wear capris. I simple cardigan can look good over a simple shirt. Play with jewelry and find what colours you look best in. Braid your hair. Ponytail or pigtails. Simple things like that. I highly recommend playing around with jewelry and layering clothes.


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  • if u don't live sumwhere that hot, wear a sweater with a skirt (maybe leggings or stalkings too if u want)... if you do lie in hot weather than I don't know


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