Why do I not look like the amount I weigh?

I'm 14, 5'3, 137 pounds, I wear a size 4-6 us for dresses and shirts and a size 6 or 7 for jeans (8 or 9 if the jeans are very very tight fitting) with measurements 32-27-35.5 and people assume that I weigh 120-125 and I claim that's how much I weigh because I'm pretty fit. I have a half inch bulge of fat on my lower abs and I have a pretty big butt and my thighs are average and my calves are very well defined. I workout 4-6 days a week on average and I eat healthy. But why am I so heavy when I don't look it? I can't drop the weight because I'm recovering from an eating disorder and my parents wants me at 140 pounds. I've already asked this question but I didn't get enough answers to it. And also, should I discreetly try to lose weight? Actress Lena Dunham weighs around the same and has measurements close to mine and is the same height, yet I think I'm a lot smaller than her.


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  • u might be big-boned though and u weigh heavier than u look... it happens in some people

    • What do you mean by "Big-boned"? It can have many meanings

    • yer skeleton weighs heavier

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  • it's muscle, girl; muscle weighs more than fat

    • So do you think if I drop down to the weight everyone thinks I am, I would be very very thin?

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    • could I squeeze into a size 2 do you think?

    • UK 2? yes, US 0? yes

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  • If you work out you could have muscle which weighs heavier than fat.


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