What steps do I take to boost my self-esteem?

Like i wanna believe i look good and i wanna be a confident person but all it takes is one insult and im back at square one


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  • Find a way to make success priority one, and what people think of you priority ten.

    • How man when you constantly think about getting a girl and that all revolves around what girls think of you

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    • Well i know i capable of big things i just want at least one shot at a relationship even if it fails at least i can say i had an opportunity

    • You'll get there. Just don't make it your life's goal, and you might start to see more opportunitys. Once I completely stopped giving any kind of shit about women, several seemed to take an interest all at once. I turned them all down of course because I don't care. They are simply a distraction.

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  • what you see is what you get, genetics is a bitch bro. Secondly only thing you can change is your body and if you dont get positive external feedback you're always gonna be insecure

    • Thats the thing i never get positive external feedback from girls

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    • I work out but i dont get compliments

    • Lifes a bitch and then women keep claiming "confidence is sexy" I reply" sure, on a good looking guy it is"

  • well to just boost self esteem quickly I do weight lifting to get that burn. Every time I go clubbing I have to hit the gym to feel like a million bucks. I could wear a tshirt and feel amazing.