While I have my pic up, what is your impression of me?

Do I look like I could be a girly girl? An assertive and ambitious person? Or a door mat? Do I look like I could be squeamish? Or not? Do I look like a good girl? An honest or manipulative one? What do you think could be my hobbies? What stereotypes could I belong to?


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  • This is an interesting way to ask an opinion rather than the normal rate me thing. This is the way I see you from your pic... Girly, city girl that doesn't like to get her hands dirty, so not much into much outdoors, or into sports. Likes wine and girly drinks, Not beer and mixed drinks. Somewhat high maintenance, likes finer things. Doesn't like to make due with things. Stresses out when things don't go quite right. Not very easy going. A giving girl in bed, likes to please, and likes to be pleased as well, however, not super adventuresome...

    • Interesting... I love beer! And yes, I actually drink right from the can/bottle. But you're right about me not liking sports lol. Outdoors, hm... Depends on the weather. I do enjoy being in the nature. Just not in the heat

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    • Now that I've read your take on my pic again, I can tell you thay i actually can mever get along with a girly girl like you've described! Lol i find them super annoying

    • Well, you are sounding better and better.

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  • You have average looks.
    You seem very happy / go lucky !
    You seem like a trusting and good person.
    One that is easy to talk to and a good listener.
    You seem like you know what you want out of life and you go for it.
    You seem confident in your demeanor (but you have hidden insecurities you do not speak of).
    You are in between girly/girl and a Tom boy.
    You dress feminine at times.
    Other days you are casual and not afraid to wear a t shirt and pants.
    You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty or break a nail.
    You are open to trying some things (reasonable exceptions).


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  • You look like the type of person who would want to be stereotyped.
    Here it goes:
    You look assertive.
    Not a door mat.
    Maybe you put up a good girl front, but you also want it to be known that you have a darker side. All women are manipulative. Judging by your clothing, it seems like you'd like shopping. Maybe some parties, get togethers. Not a wild party girl, but you look social.

    • Not really stereotyped, but just for fun, why not? :)

      Thanks for your opinion. Interesting :)

  • You look very confident and happy and you know what you want in life. It would not surprise me if you had some martial art activity, but also some cultural interest.