Girls, Girls I need honest opinion on my looks?

I can't actually ask my girl friends coz they seem bitchy and don't guide me how I can look better or whether I m pretty or not. I want honest opinions of you girls out there. I m posting picture of 3 girls. Can u tell us how pretty is each one and rate us.




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  • I saw the 3 girls. They are on the 1st search result of yahoo answers, if u do not click on that blue link at the top of the google search page to correct any mistakes

    I prefer the girl that is alone in the pic.
    Dk if thats what u wanted to know...

    • wht u mean there are on the 1st search result of yahoo answers?

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    • Im sorry. But now for some reason it says its no longer available for me to see.

      Anyways... Between the 2 other girls, there was another skinnier one that i thought was also pretty. I dont remeber well howthe curvier girls face was.

      But the reason for the other to stand out more mayb has to do with her sense of fashion and style. She had on very pretty makeup.

    • Id advise u to ask this question again and post the correct working link or else no one wil b able togive u helpful opinions

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