Why do people use a banana for the "banana"/rectangle body shape if when turned a banana is a totally different shape?

As a person with the "banana"/rectangle body type I've always wondered why it was called this. Shouldn't they have used a food that's an actual rectangle like celery which is straight all around?

Why do people use a banana for the

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What is your opinion of the banana body shape?
I'm surprised some people didn't know there was a banana body shape.
Hm... most girls chose celery, and most guys chose banana. Guy, why banana?


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  • I don't know if it means anything but when the girls go into pose they look more banana than rectangle ( I had never heard of banana shape before now - I am just wonder is it originally a modelling term )

    • Nope, it's an actual body shape. It's just more people probably have pear, apple, and hour glass figures from what I've seen.

  • I prefer banana because they're sweet 😉
    Also, how can such an awkward pose (the model) still be sexy? What's wrong with my brain?

    • Meh *Shrugs* Her pose is less awkward than the models you see in famous magazines, and nothing is wrong with your brain.

    • The extremes to which they will go with already too thin models in magazines is disconcerting to say the least. Thank you for bringing me back to earth ! I am the one who's normal lol
      Though what I was pointing at is that the pose is awkward when you really look at it. She is out of balance, a little push and she falls like a tree. Yet, my brain tells me it's attractive and I don't understand why. That must be what makes seduction an art.

  • No one cares.

    • You cared enough to comment.

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    • If you were on a war against stupidity you should have offed yourself long ago. What's really stupid is for you to make a comment on something you don't like instead of doing what a smart person would do and scroll past it.

    • You can never win a war with stupidity. There are more stupid people being born everyday than we could ever turn brilliant in a lifetime...

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