Girls, Just curious about how I look, would you rate me?

I'm trying to be a decent guy but I'm not sure what type of girl would like me. I'm open 1/2 mexican indian and 1/2 mexican white (spaniard descent) any ideas? Haha I have a tattoo on my inside bicep that says "jack the lad"
Girls, Just curious about how I look, would you rate me?

  • 5 or 6 i see guys like you everywhere
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  • 6 or 7
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  • 7 or 8
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  • 8 or 9 really hot
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  • 9 or 10 smoking hot
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I'm a Girl
I'm definitely open to suggestions
Maybe I shouldn't have asked lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're pretty cute lol 8/10

    • Thanks sweetie, I would post another clearer pic if I could but don't think I can

    • You don't have to bro.. I have pretty good vision so don't worry 😊 and not only that but don't let these girls get you down.. cause their will be plenty of other girls who will find you attractive... like I do 😊

    • I have better angles but it's cool I can't really post another pic it won't let me... Screw the girls who rated me a 5 ... They're either having someone else in mind, didn't like my confidence or dont really know how to rate someone... Guess I could've gone from 1 😝

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  • Happy trail happy trail follow the happy trail what will it lead to will it be fun or more adventure? I don't know follow the happy trail...

    I see your happy trail

    I noticed the beard also I like it

  • Lmao at the 1 votes!

    Other than that I'm not sure what's going on with the first photo. It's blurry. But I voted 5.

    • Im sure most would've rated 2 or 3... Like I actually think straight... I forgot I used to be like that too... Anything below 5 is really fatand 5 is just plain... When you like someone and they're on your mind and you're a stupid teenager you rate everyone else super low... I literally haven't thought like this for the last 11 years... I would guess I'm easily an 8.5 and 7.5 at worst... I mean I don't wax my body and dont have special lighting like models do but pleeeeeasse

  • I think you're pretty c:

    • I think everyone's just giving me shit... I've always been pretty much hot... 5 is like average 1 is like obese hideous rotten teeth monster but does it count I'm like a serious asshole on the low?

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    • Don't worry about it. Women can be brutal. Plus those pictures don't really capture all of your features. The first one is blurry and the bottom one is stakes at an unflattering angle. But you're probably cute.

  • cute i like the moles under right eye... and under lip... thumbs up...

    • Gee thanks, I'm still sure most of these numbers are way off. Groupie mentality. Remember, one is i, possibly ugly and 10 is impossibly hot.. You don't just go off of how you're feeling atm

    • i would give you 8!!

    • 😘 thank you

  • 1/10 there was no option.

  • Youbare not my type but I can still say with those abs and facial hair someone will find u attractive. 😉

    • True girl. So true. I think it's because I'm obviously attractive coming on here asking if I am in a decidedly cocky- yet- lacking- confidence- sort- of- way why I got so many low votes too.

  • err okay i guess

    • A 1 is like 300 pounds with missing teeth... Am I like not getting something here? 😭😭😭