Post a pic of your fave body type?

Of the opposite sex.

Why do you find it attractive?


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  • I have four different "ideal" figure types. One, is the type of figure that I find most attractive. The second, I find "second" most attractive but I'd still love it a lot if she was really cute (and might even prefer it if she were really cute). The third is the figure I consider my ideal but would fear being judged by people for being with her, and, so, because of fear of being judged, my "ideal" would be the first figure. The fourth one is an extreme that I fantasize about, but it's photoshopped. Lol

    1. (she could even stand to have a little more of a tummy, even)





    I love the figure in 1.) because I like larger chest sizes and I like how her tummy looks as well (I think it's just because her pelvis is a little larger making her midsection look a little wider giving her a semi-pear shaped figure which I adore)

    I love the figure in 2.) because I think the tinier figure just looks really cute and, if she was really cute, it would just suit her really well. Holding a girl and her feeling fragile, to me, just makes her even more cute, in my opinion. The figure in 2.5) is a little more softer look of 2.) that I like. I especially like how her upper thighs are a little wider and and how her waist kind of curves and tapers at the bikini tie and then shoots out to due to the contours of her larger upper thighs. She also just looks really soft, but still petite enough to look really cute. (if you haven't noticed yet, I like cute girls. Lol )

    The figure in 3.) is, by far, my ideal figure. To me, it's literal perfection. I LOVE her chest size. It's shapely, but still really large. It's exactly my favorite chest shape and size. I also love how she has a little bit of a tummy to her and I love how wide it looks. However, I know I'd get ridiculed for being with a girl like that. Her figure (let alone what she wears... Lol) doesn't exactly scream "take me home to meet parents" material...

    The figure in 4.) I find unbelievably sexy. If she had the same chest size as in figure 3.) (and didn't have photoshopped legs... Lol) I would be completely speechless. I wouldn't be able to imagine a figure more sexy. Of course, for her to be Asian as well (yes, I find them most attractive when they're also Asian, as well...) would mean that this is likely never going to happen that a figure like this would exist without being photoshopped, so it's a bit unreasonable to make it my favorite figure. Haha

    • Nice selection. But, you realize figure 3 has implants, right?

    • Thanks. Haha
      Totally real, actually. She's really famous in Japan for having one of the largest natural chest sizes.

    • I guess that picture "sort of" makes them look a little fake. Definitely real, though.

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  • I'm not sure how to post pictures LOL but i have 2 favorite make body types:
    -Skater boy body. Which is like not too tall (heights not really an issue because I'm not even 5 ft lol), but lanky and slim. Like he's a little guy.
    -A Big guy who's built like a football player basically. Not muscular, but just tall and husky built.
    Chubby boys are also cute. They give the best hugs.

  • This is my fave body type!

  • not the opposite sex, but its my favorite body type :

  • My level is bellow so I can't link a picture 😢

    google Kronk guyzzzzz :(

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