Is she attractive?

1) Is she pretty/average/not-so good looking?
2) Do you like her body type?
3) What about her style?

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  • She is average, I like her body, she is like a tomboy sorta, not a girly girly which is plus in my books.

    • So her face is average, but she overcome it by good body?

      What do you like about her body?

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    • Wow, I like your how you desribe it. First excellent response.

      What about her arms? What about her face?

    • Her arms are very normal, average. Nothing out of the ordinary with them. The picture isn't the best, but I think she is ok, not super hot or ugly either. Her hair is just plain at the moment. Probably with a little makeup and fixed up hair she would be very attractive.

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  • I like her - She looks fun and relaxed - Sometimes beauty isn't all about fashionable clothes.

    • What about face, body. physical beauty?

    • Face and physical beauty very attractive - Hard to tell body because of baggy shirt but other features well defined so I say it is good

  • Very average to me, but that's probably because I prefer feminine women, not tomboys.

  • She's really cute but should go for a more girly look, and seems like a cool nice girl

  • Average, but fun. She looks like a pelican.

  • not with that big ass shirt i can't tell her body shape she's average