Girls, So now that big butts are FINALLY being accepted?

Ladies, for years I've stuck by my guns as a self professed butt man. I could not care less about large (anything over a small C cup) breasts, the anorexic/thigh gap look, long skinny legs, etc. I've always loved a WOMEN with tiny breasts and a smaller definable waistline that explodes into wide hips, a large perky/shapely butt, thick thighs/legs, and even cankles. And though this perception of beauty is nothing new and many seubsects/cultures were way ahead of the time in their celebration of these assets, it is sadly only now being accepted by mainstream media etc.

My question is, so now that big butts are FINALLY being accepted (as in the truly thick girls and not the obese who try to associate with the thick/curvy) how many of you have FINALLY experienced a looooong overdue increase in self confidence?

If I left an option/opinion out, please feel free to comment or add your own 'Vote'

*Side note* I can't wait for the bare/fully waxed fad dies off as well...

  • I have and I'm relieved
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  • Not me, I've always known that I had 'it'!
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  • I'm still self conscious about my curves despite the gain in popularity
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  • I don't have said curves and wish guys would go back to liking the thin or busty look
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  • Just another fad of womens bodies that I again do not have :(

    • Never fear! Not everyone prefers this look. I have absolutely ZERO doubt that you are the 'type' of several hundred thousands of men!

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  • My people have always enjoyed a nice butt. It's the rest of you who think something we have naturally is "a fad"...

    • Lol... no! Big butts are not a fad in the least however, society's acceptance of them sadly is. Fore personally, there's absolutely NOTHING sexier than a woman with a big, firm, perky butt. Boobs do nothing for me and in truth, I prefer mosquito bites. They're so hot! But, I'm just an individual...

  • I'm an athletic so I've got a thin body, and a toned but far from huge butt, and I like it that way.

    • Good, as long as you love yourself! That, hands down, is the most important thing! I simply tend to prefer a woman with a pear shape. Tiny up top, large on the bottom half. They make me smile lol!

  • Yeah, this fad is hard for me because I'm naturally very thin. I have no problem with curvier women accepting themselves, that's great, I just don't like that now women who are more on the thin side get shamed in a way.

    • I mean absolutely no offense but, the way I see it is this: thin women were, for a time, the thing. It's just that now it's someone else's time. It just so happens that it's now the time for the women I often find myself attracted to.

  • I've always been thin but I liked the "thick" look, so I started eating more, and working out (squats), but this just gave me a little bulge on my stomach and while my butt is bigger due to the squats I got cellulite... So, it's not as glamorous that you think

    • Ahhhh... but wait (no pun intended)! a lot of guys also like the cellulite that comes with the bigger butt! Just so you know...

  • I am relieved.