Girls, how hairy is Prince Charming?

Stating every important part of the body that grows hair, how much hair is ideal on your man?

"Head: I like it short.", "Face: I like it short, but not completely shaved off", "Armpits: Hate it. Grow as little as possible.", "Chest: I love chest hair! Keep it hairy!", "Crotch: Nah. Keep it shaved.", etc. (these are 100% random opinions. lol)

Also use any other parts you feel matter. (Arms, Legs, etc.)


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  • Head: long if he can pull it off (not the hair but hair style haha)
    Face: scruff is so sexy
    Armpits: naturally short
    Arms: natural
    Back: none!
    Chest: naturally short
    Crotch: shaved
    legs: naturally hairy but soft
    feet: no hair
    *when i say natural it's because hairless (that wax to not be hairy) guys freak me out and subconsciously makes me think that they care wayyyyy too much about how they look and it's nice to have hair on your man haha


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  • I like guys with a bit of tummy hair, no back hair, bush trimmed, legs can be hairy but I am turned off by dudes who look like they have leg and arm warmers on. I like trimmed up facial hair.

  • Long hair and long beards!

  • I like decently long hair on a guys head, like long enough that it doesn't stick straight out and they have to style it. Not sure exactly how to explain it (luke hemmings' hair is a nice length)
    For a guys face I prefer clean shaven most of the time, but sometimes a bit of stubble is alright. very rarely do I think scruff is hot on a guy, but even when I do I wouldn't personally want a guy with it. anything longer than scruff isn't my thing
    I like very little or no chest hair, no noticeable back hair, if his armpit hair is super long and gnarly I would like if he trimmed it.
    crotch hair should be trimmed just enough so that it lays flat and isn't curly and unruly, but not bare like a baby's butt.
    hairy hands/knuckles are a no no.
    unibrows are a no no.
    the rest like his arms and legs I don't have a preference

  • Head: trimmed/short. Nothing messy, nothing too sleek (gelled back hair)
    Face: no mustaches/beards unless he can pull it off.
    Armpits: I don't really care, I guess. Guys have armpit hair.
    Chest: no. Maybe a little but not a whole bunch.
    Crotch: i actually like it when there's hair down there.

  • no hair only on head.