How would you rate this "flat and bland" Asian girl stereotype smasher? Take a guess at her ethnicity?

How would you rate this

I often post about how I'm extremely partial to slim , petite girls with small, well proportioned body parts (breasts, butt, thighs, waist, tummy) and of those types, I put Asian girls of every Asian ethnicity, culture and skin color at the top in my opinion as far as my taste and preference. This gorgeous lady doesn't really fit my fav body type, but she's still a beautiful Asian girl in my eyes. Just to show how personal tastes and preferences can be shoved to the side immediately when exposed to beauty in another form😍(body type, in my case here, with her), there's no way id pass up an opportunity to introduce myself to her and start a conversation and go for a meaningful relationship with her just because she's not my ideal body type. Pffft to hell with that!! Besides, she's still an Asian girl☺️

Actually she's a Filipina celebrity. (Philippines/Pinay). 😍😍


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  • +9000/10.
    This girl is practically my ideal!!!
    I would absolutely strike up a conversation with her. Hopefully one that never had to end...

    • Haha! Thanks for commenting. Wanna guess which which east or southeast Asian ethnicity/nationality she is?

    • Hmm, I'd almost like to say Filipino, but she's very fair-skinned for Filipino, if she is. At least from many of the Filipino people that I know, personally. I'd be curious to know. :)

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  • Some people have all the luck.

    • LoL - not sure what you mean by that😊. But thanks for sharing it👍

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    • Awww, thanks :)

    • Sure😊

  • wow she's pretty.

    • Thank you for commenting! 👍

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  • Why is she wearing a hoody if she's not wearing pants?

    • I don't know. Didn't know you needed pants in order to wear a hoody. Obviously, she doesn't. So she's a stereotype smasher and "can't wear hoody without pants" rule breaker, too! 😂😂. My kinda girl all the way around lol!

      Thanks for your question!

  • I think she looks very attractive maybe japanese for nationality

    • Thanks for your opinion! Not Japanese though. Yeah I know it's often difficult if not impossible to determine east/southeast Asian ethnicities.

  • I was thinking either Vietnamese or Filipino. Then I saw your update

    • Sometimes Far East and southeast Asian ethnicities can be extremely difficult to differentiate, if not impossible. What do you think of her fab curves for an Asian girl? A lot of Asian girls are curvy (maybe not this curvy) but more so than the stereotype allows for. Thanks for your response!

    • I really like her body but her face is not doing it for me. I'm into Asian girls it's just I don't like her face.

    • Just goes to show that everyone likes something different. Lol. I actually find her Asian featured face her most attractive besides her hair. But I like the skinned more petite Asian girls. But as mentioned. Her particular curvy body would not deter me one teeny but! Thanks fior the additional input!

  • I actually read what you wrote. Sounds like you have yellow fever so regardless of shape, as long as she's Asian you'll like her.

    I like her body but on a white, latina, middle eastern or even black girl better.

    • Thanks for taking time to offer your personal opinion. Appreciate it.

  • I went to the Philippines and most Filipino women have curves like that.

    • I used to live there. In several different provinces. Most girls I saw were much smaller in the hips and thighs. And breasts. Still petite, slim curvy, but not quite as curves as her and not nearly as thick. But she's a celeb, so.

    • Well I stayed with these three sisters most of my time there and two of them were built just like this girl, the youngest was thinner and less curvy but she said it was because her mother died when she was a baby and she was malnourished.

    • Thanks for you opinion!

  • Philippine Asians are generally curvier but others are generally flatter. I should know i live in Asia and traveled. I like when they have thick thighs but they generally try to be very skinny.

    Philippine Asians are my preference with Asian girls though.

    Who is that celebrity

    • I lived in the Philippines for about 6 years. Moved around a lot i didn't see many girls/women this curvy. Most were of Chinese-Malay mix and others were that Australasian-Melanesian darker look, but both were very petite. They didn't seen to trying to be thin, they just were. My sister in law is Pinay. She's tiny. We were just there visiting her family this past winter. Love it there. I like Pinays also, but really have no particular Asian ethnic preference I like them all!

      Thanks for your input!

      Oh, I don't know her. I found her pic on a Pinay celeb navel site. Didn't post her name. But I can find out though.