Is he a pretty hot guy and girl? Girls would you date a guy like him?

Have you heard about him? "Chris Crocker" popular on YouTube and MySpace , His song Freak Of Nature very good. some how this guy taste like a girl, And this girl taste like a guy LAMO. I put his Crossdress pictures on the poll. By the way girls would you date a guy like him?

Chris Crocker As A Guy
Is he a pretty hot guy and girl? Girls would you date a guy like him?

His song Freak Of Nature video link, If you curious you also can search for it on youtube!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Chris Crocker is attractive.

    But not convincing as a tranny.
    Yes he is (when photoshopped).
    But I have seen his actual videos.
    You can see that his arms are big and his face is very masculine.
    He does a great job with his hair and applying make up though.

    I think people that are into trannies may find him attractive.
    As a guy, I like him more (because I am straight).
    But he is way too sissy and sassy In my opinion for me to even be attracted to him as a man.

    If it make sense,
    I find him attractive.
    But I am not attracted to him because of his whole attitude and mannerisms that follow.


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What Girls Said 3

  • What is happening? I m so confused

    • This guy likes to dress up as a girl and make music videos and some anonymous dude for some reason feels the need to ask if you would date him.

    • He ruined himself... i really like his first pic... and one with blue shirt.

    • You don't know Chris Crocker? Check his video Freak Of Nature on YouTube. You will know what's happening!

  • I can only see him in my head with makeup running down his eyes and him crying saying "Leave britney alone!!!"

    • Aww haha, That's long time ago. Now he's more attractive as a guy!

  • I'm not into cross dressers or trans people

    • But he's very attractive as a guy !

    • It doesn't matter. I'm not into" trannies"or cross dressers.

What Guys Said 2

  • He looks good in some of the pics as a girl.

  • Is he gay?

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