Girls, simply put would you consider my body sexually attractive?

Don't think i have a particually good/bad body but just want some opinions from the opposite sex

Ps: please don't embed pics in thread please

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  • No worries, your body is completely fineee

    • Thanks for answering like I said I don't consider myself to have a good or bad body just somewhere in the middle. Would you agree?

    • it's more on the good side I believe

    • Thanks for your feedback x

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  • I can't see the pics

    • Click the links in my op

    • I know, but for some reason I can't see the pics. I think I have problems with links from tinypic._.

    • Not sure what to do lol

  • Yep you have a nice body.

    • Thanks for answering. If you don't mind where would you say I was out of 10 so I can have an idea of where I am at

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    • Wow much better then I though tbh thanks

    • No problem.