Girls, What do I do about my hair? Is she gonna do it?

I love blonde hair and my sister started doing it for me at the ending of March. She's done it 2 times and she said she'll make that a commitment and do it every few weeks. Last time she did it, she said she was gonna do it in 3 weeks. That was like the ending of April I think. Now it's been over 2 months and she hasn't said anything about it. I texted my mom asking her about it and she said my sister isn't doing it right now because she's pregnant and that if I ask her she won't say no. But I feel very weird about it, I don't get it and last time I saw my sister, she said that her morning sickness has gotten a lot better and she thinks it's almost completely gone. So hearing that, why can't she do it? My natural hair color is a medium brown but my roots look black. I don't wanna have to deal with what I had to with my highlights either, where I got highlights and I couldn't afford it anymore so I went 9 months without getting my hair done and my brown and roots were growing over the blonde highlights. What do I do? And is she gonna do my hair?


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  • the powder in the dye (the peroxide and hydrogen) can be damaging when inhaled and this can go in to the blood stream and affect the baby... This is why she won't do it. Yes it can be a little overprotective but it doesn't appear she is going to do your hair.

    Bleached hair takes a lot of maintenance and you should never make the commitment to do it when someone says they will stay on top of it for you unless they are a professional at a salon. There are too many ways to let you down.

    I suggest getting a temporary dye close to your own colour and it will condition the bleached hair too when you use it... Once you are ready to go back blonde it will be easier removed than a permanent dye.

    • Ok. Thank you

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    • I think it would be nice if I could do it on my own too if I can't depend on anyone. The salon is too expensive for my budget and thats why I stopped with the highlights last year :/

    • if you are just going for a single colour it is fairly easy :)

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  • Either hire somebody to do it for you or dye it your natural hair colour so that it looks normal on you and accept yourself without blond hair. Your sister might have changed her mind when she realized that the morning sickness is worse than she thought. Today I was so hungry I wasn't sure I'd be able to stand up long enough to line up for my food from Tim Hortons - earlier I would have thought I could withstand anything.

  • Leave your sister alone. She doesn't owe you anything.

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