If you could redo the moment your mother and father reproduced you, would you have hoped to been reborn the same sex as now?

If you were born a girl the first time around, would you still want to be a girl? If you were born a boy the first time around, would you have wanted to still been born a boy?

  • I'm a girl, but would rather be reborn a boy.
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  • I'm a girl and want to stay a girl.
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  • I'm a boy, but would rather be reborn a girl.
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  • I'm a boy and want to stay a boy.
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  • I hate I was ever born at all.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like being a girl. I like being able to grow my hair long, wearing a skirt and dresses, door being opened for, being made first move on. lots of things. I wouldn't change that for the world


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'd still wanna be a girl.

  • I wanna be a guyy


What Guys Said 3

  • I vote for E, and I really rather that they had never met in the first place. Would have ignored this entirely but since you have that option.

    I didn't like this reality or asked for this reality, but here I am take it or leave it, it's all on me now.

    I rather had not been created biologically or through sexual reproduction, but by some other entirely different means of creation.

  • i'm indifferent actually... honestly i believe my life wouldn't be different if i was a gal... but anyway i vote "D"

    • Yea im happy the way i am as well

  • Happy as I am thankd

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