What to do about Insecurity?

Saying im insecure would be an understatement and there are a lot of reasons y i feel this way.
1. a guy has never told me they've liked me or asked me out
2. i'm not allowed to wear make-up and i'm 15
3. i'm not obese but i think im fat
4. i got all the ugly genes from my parents and my sis got all the good ones.
i hav friends and all but sometimes i feel really scared to go out in public. it's not like anyone directly says i'm ugly but that's how i see myself.

Anyone got any advice? T. T


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  • A picture would have been helpful but you sound fine.


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  • Just keep thinking to yourself that you're beautiful and when you're alone you can even look in the mirror and say to yourself that you're beautiful. It may seem weird but it really makes a difference.

  • ignore everybody and talk to yourself fam, you can change youtself fam, you get me fam?


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