Guys and girls, what does someone chubby look like to you?

You could name a chubby celebrity, post a link or a picture. I want to know how different peoples' opinion on exactly how fat someone who is chubby actually is.


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  • High end of normal weight is usually chubby. It's more than necessary. Fat is completely different. I think people tend to call fat chubby and obese fat. I think chubby is just pushing the limit of " average " weight. Most average weights are abut chubby to begin with bc so many people are fat or obese. I'm trying to think of a celebrity I think is chubby. But I don't watch much and I don't read fashion magazines. Hmm you know people with small frames and normal weights usually look chubby. Bc their bones are not broad enough to hold the flesh. Like jeneane garafalo in truth about cats and dogs. She's chubby I like her as An actress and I think she's very pretty. But that's an example of chubby. Ross from friends. Joey after a certain point from friends. Chandler just got fat.

    • Oh okay are you skinny yourself?

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    • Also I'm not referring to attractive vs unattractive. Chubby people can be pretty handsome. I'm just talking about physiological efficiency.

    • Yeah I know, but the ones you mentioned do not have excessive fat.

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  • Snooki.
    Oh, wait, you said celebrity.'

  • Lol unattractive and Meghan trainor

    • Oh so you don't think Meghan Trainor is cgubby, not fat?

    • Okay sorry I thought of someone else

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