If you had to give up one of these body parts, would you rather loose an eye, an ear, an arm, or a leg?

You could always have a prosthetic.

P. S. This is not to offend anyone...

  • I'd give up an eye.
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  • I'd give up an ear.
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  • I'd give up an arm (including that arms hand/fingers).
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  • I'd give up a leg (including that legs foot and toes).
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  • Losing an ear doesn't mean you loose your hearing. You may have decreased hearing, but you'll still be able to hear. Plus, you can just grow long hair and cover it up. It does not compare to the crap you'd have to face if you gave up an eye, arm, or leg.

    • You can always wear an eyepatch or prosthetic. What if you go deaf in that one ear you kept?

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    • I overthink a lot of questions. It's just one of the weird parts of my personality xD

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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What Girls Said 3

  • An ear can easily be covered by hair and isn't something a lot of people notice anyways. Plus you'd still be able to hear with the external cartilage gone

    • You'd lose that one eardrum as well

    • Hmm, well here is still more to hearing than the eardrum, I'd still pick ear regardless because Gavin a fake leg would suck, having no arm would suck even more, and having one eye and no depth perception and not being able to see 3d movies and experience the world would be the worst.

  • Id rather die.. thank you

    • You'd rather die than lose one body part 😵

    • Yes i need them all. And ill kill myself if i lose any of these anyway.

  • I guess I'd give up an ear.


What Guys Said 5

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    • Haha wow. Well at least you'd get to wear a cool eyepatch. Arrgghhh Captain!!

  • I think eye

  • Would I lose hearing or just the ear?

  • i voted ear cause i can grow long hair and nobody will notice and thus i can fuck hot chicks

    • Wow that last part was irrelevant. But what if you loose hearing in the ear you kept. wouldn't you miss your cut off ear?

    • okay, assuming you rip out of my eardrums and those stuff too and i can't get a robotic replacement, yes, i would lose hearing but it's the least of all those 3... hot chicks forever...

  • maybe an ear cuz can't they grow new ones on rats lol