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First of all, I want to say that I really have no idea about how good or bad do I look like. My looks had never been my priority, but lately I've become really curious about this subject, especially that I really have a very bad luck when it comes to attracting the opposite sex and I start thinking that it may be because of my looks.
Here are two recent pictures of me:

How do I look at a scale of 1-10? All I want is an honest opinion!

( I'm 24, 5''8 / 158.4 lbs )

Thank you.

I'm just wondering how to remove those pictures from here?
Girls, please don't respond to this post, the guy in the pictures is not me (it was a mistake I just used those pictures for testing before adding mines) and now I'm surprised that the pictures had been uploaded to GAG's servers even if I only inserted links of those photos, even if I removed the original links the pictures are still there, and I'm just surprised that I have no contrĂ´le over my own post and just can't do a thing to delete them, the admin has just refused to delete them from here


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  • Your appearance is fine, but women will respond to how you interact with them. and how you make them feel. It's 90% how you make them feel (calm, at ease, attractive, valued, listened to) and 10% if we have a physical attraction to you.

  • Yeah you look alright, and nope, bad luck... doubt its just the looks lol

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