Girls, I know I don't turn heads. But I think I'm pretty Good Looking. But I still would like your option What could I do to turn heads?

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alafoto. com/listing/albums/Playboy-Centerfolds2/normal_2013_01_Karina_Marie_Playboy_Playmate. jpg


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  • Hmm... I think girls like the idea of a well put together guy. Do you usually dress like in this picture? Maybe all that you need is a little wardrobe update! I don't think you have a bad looking face or anything, your wardrobe choice just needs a little tlc :)
    Also maybe trying to look a little more fit (not by much, just a few pounds) would probably do the trick for ya
    Good luck, and don't feel like you have to change for anyone. Especially for some random ass people on the internet like me ;) Take care, and do you!

  • Better shoes and a solid workout regimen never hurt anyone.

    • Better Shoes? These things are the best work boot a man can wear.

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    • Yahoo must own this they won't delete your questions there ether.

    • No, actually it's owned by a Turkish conglomerate. You can't delete it off a search engine because you can't ever delete anything from the internet completely. It's an archive. It saves things indefinitely.

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