What are the chances that I am the hottest guy in the room?

after growing a beard i realized that SH! T girls find me really attractive i get so many looks , smiles... etc even my friends comment on how handsome i look i've gotten to a point where i enter a room and iam confident that i am the most attractive ( good body some muscles, tan, tall, dark longer hair ) in that room in terms of looks , i know it may sound like i am cocky but things were much different months ago and things happened that made me believe what i believe now... so my question is if i feel it and can see it happening before me so many times on different occasions could it be true? could i actually be as good looking as i think i am?


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  • "could i actually be as good looking as i think i am?"
    Well yeah, you sure can


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  • If I'm not in the room your chances are good. If I am, then not good at all 😉


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  • Well depends on what kind of beard it is
    If it's a shadow they are sexy
    Because if it's a cavemen or Jewish beard they don't look so good & look a little scrappy! & some men just can't pull a beard off

    • hhhh no heavy stubble at best

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