Girls, how do u manage?

Hi, I feel quite uncomfy when i wear sleeveless... i am not fully comy with my armpits being seen... even if i get rid of the hair its quite dark n doesn't look nice at all (at least to me)... so how do u guys manage to pull it off? please advise

Tnx in advance!


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  • what methods do u use to remove hair? i think the key is in the method.
    also, it could be a genes thing.

    • i used to use hair removal creams earlier but rarely but now i wax

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    • no worries.
      noooo lol dont even think bout it. hurts so much. i just put a nice smelling cream that i know won't sting.
      they are right, it just stings because ur skin is still very sensitive after waxing.

    • Ya i don't use the spray... i use the roll on so i find that more user friendly

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  • yes how you remove hair matters as said by other girls. Also your deodorant can cause it. If you're rubbing it to make it look white, it might flare up and abrade your skin more. So be careful. I used creams before and my skin reacted with it and turned red for weeks so maybe you can used other brands. As for waxing, if you do it personally maybe you are doing it wrong? or do it too often?

    • No I dont wax personally... i go to a professional... i use nivea roll on only on my under arms

  • I have dark hair and pretty translucent skin, so I wax instead of shaving, but otherwise I'm just more committed to being cool than to having Cosmo-cover armpits.

  • I feel you girl.

    I guess I just always make sure I've shaved and have deodorant and even carry a light sweater if I just feel awkward.

    But you just gotta be confident of your arms mostly and walk with your shoulders back and realize you look just fine :)

  • Exfoliate your armpit daily with a pantyhose. I heard it helps.

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