Girls, Is he too skinny?

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  • I tried all 3 links and none of them work.

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    • So how woudl rate him in diffrenet categories? Or how would you desribe him?

    • He has a very nice looking face in my opinion but his neck looks a little strange. His arms are a little thin from elbow to hand but he is fit which is a good thing. Overall I have a positive impression of him as he is not one of those MANY overweight men out there - but he is a little on the thin side. If he were 5-10 pounds heavier he would look slightly better BUT that is only if the weight goes to his arms and not to his neck.

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  • Can't see u sorry

  • I like your clothes, your kinda pale, loner hair would look nice on you. Overall your good looking.

    • There was intensive light so it's why I seem to be pale.
      I would love to have a longer hair, but balding stuff.. you know.
      What about body type?

      Thanks for compliments.