I don't get it. Am I ugly or attractive or what?

I've been told by a guy I'm ugly, I've also been told by a guy I'm not ugly and can get girls. I've had girls look at me repulsively but I've also had girls come onto me. I don't get it. Am I attractive or ugly?

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  • It's tricky, same thing happens to me, some people think I'm ugly, some people think I'm pretty. I know, it's confusing af. o_o
    It's mostly likely that you're average-ish, therefore some people see you a bit above average, some a bit below, since people's tastes differ. If you were like a 8-10 or 1-3 on the scale looks wise, you probably wouldn't get such different comments, so my guess is that you're average.


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  • I mean, without a picture it's impossible to say. Though it really depends on who is looking at you.

    • You can't post pics on here. It's not allowed I thought.

    • It's allowed. Your xper level probably isn't high enough.

  • People have different types, someone will always think you're attractive , and someone else will find you less attractive. :)

    Feel good about yourself. Confidence is attractive.

  • You're whatever you think you are.

    • Huh? Now I'm even more confused

    • Just be who you are. Don't focus on what others think. Just don't become 100% carefree lol.

    • Why is attractiveness so subjective

  • Post a pic. How are we supposed to know?

    • I thought you weren't allowed to on here.

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