I am feeling insecure about my hair?

I've had a short hairstyle since sixth grade. I have blonde fairly thin, straight, hair. My hairstyle is halfway down my ears and fairly feminine for a short haircut. Im normally very confident in my own decisons and independant, but I've started to feel a bit insecure about my hairstyle. I like it in general, but i see that a lot of girls that are considered pretty have long flowy hair. I've asked guys and the few I've asked say that they hate short hair, and that its only for guys, and lesbians. My hair looks pretty bad long because it is thin and straight, plus it just doesn't look good for my face. For you guys, is short hair okay on a girl, i mean... would you date a girl with short hair? And for you girls, any advice on what to do with my hair. I was content untill a couple months ago, thanks for your input! =)


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  • If you like your hair then that's great. What's most important is for YOU to like it. There is no good in looking the way you don't like. Anyway, there are girls who look great if not better with short hair than long. You might be one of them. So keep it short for yourself.

  • I find girls with shorter hair far more attractive than girls with long hair xD

  • Please put a picture

  • I like short hair on girls, if a girl can pull it off then I find it really attractive. Make sure you get the right hair style for your face. Look at many pictures online and make sure you have a sexy style



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