Girls, do quiet people stand out? Do I stand out? Would you notice me?

Girls, do quiet people stand out? Do I stand out? Would you notice me?

ok I really liked this quiet girl in one my classes to make a long story short. However Im also really quiet and shy. She never really talked to anyone or looked at anyone. If you saw me and I was quiet would you remember me at all or do I stick out at all? Do quiet people stand out in general? Thanks for any and all advice please. PS be 100% honest it won't help me If you flatter me I've confident enough

  • You look average you wouldn't really stick out
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  • You look good Id probablt remember you
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  • You're stunning id never forget you
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  • I'd remember you, but just because of how hideous you look
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  • I always remember people who are really quiet, but then again, I also remember people who are outgoing and confident.

    • You remember everyone? Would I stick out? Thanks for the opinion

    • As in, I notice people who totally stand out. You would yeah, since you have really blue eyes like damn

    • Oh wow thanks for the help and thanks for the compliment (: so you'd say my eyes make me stick out?

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  • Look at the camera and put your angle higher please and smile

  • Get your eyebrows done, and you would be above average.

    • Get them done? Like waxed? I thought only girls do that

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    • I'd ask for about 1/3 taken off. People who do waxing have Waxed men's eyebrows before and will know how to make it look right the only way you'll end up with thin, is if you mess up later on with the mustache trimmer

    • And honestly whether or not you stand out has more to do with the people around you, then you individually. if all the people around you have brown hair and blue eyes then you're probably not going to stand out

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