Girls, Would leather boxers be an awkward turn off (Pics included)?

Hey! I posted a similar question recently, but I didn't get that many girl's opinons. I have a temporary medical condition that might last for a few months and my doctor suggested that I wear leather boxers as a fix. So I bought leather boxers, but I am not sure about them. I am about to enter into college; and, if I manage to get a girlfriend, I am worried that she might think I am weird because of the boxers. Any thoughts?

Here are some photos I took of the boxers. Sorry the mirror was a bit messy and the pics are blurry...

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  • i don't think that's the best look.

    this one comedian here wore something like that (actually more of a policeman cosplay) and his name was hardgay


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  • Not a fan, it's a little too gay stripper/pornstar for me.

  • I don't like them.

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