Girls, Are these photos bad that I sent to my girlfriend who is away?

Photo #1 -

Photo #2 -

Also - I think I am still skinny despite putting on +25 lbs since last year thanks to working out and diet. I could use another ~20 lbs of mass and muscle right? I'm trying really hard to get there.

I can elaborate further on why I sent these to her if anyone is interested.

Thank you!

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If you vote that I look bad can you explain why please?


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  • You look good and what the heck, is it just me or do you resemble Ryan Gosling?

    • Hah I wish. I wonder why I have a vote saying I look bad then :~)

      I gave you a birthday wish by the way. Happy B-Day.

    • Maybe they she didn't read the words properl. Sometimes I vote for the wrong choice too.

      And you do look like him. When I first clicked , I thought this was a troll question or something, lol.

      And birthday wish? Lol , thanks for giving it in advance.

    • Oh sorry I assumed you were a different user! Your opinion is even better then. I wish you the same one I just gave to another user on here. Thanks again so much!

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  • Nah they look fine, and good for you

    • Would you consider me skinny? I'm looking to pack on another 15 lbs at least.

    • Oh and I forgot to add to the post - I'm just shy of 6 feet and now almost 149 lbs.

    • lean, not skinny. packing on 15 muscle wouldn't hurt

  • The pose is awkward and unnatural and the sunglasses are odd. Everything else is completely normal. In short, you look fine!

    • Am I not attractive in the photo? Thanks for explaining why I look bad lol

  • They are just a bit awkward like why are you wearing sunglasses inside? and then there's the weird "thug" pose? I just think you could be a bit more natural and force it less.

    • Am I not attractive in the photo? Thanks for explaining why I look bad lol

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    • I care to know because I love the girl I'm with an worry that I'm not enough for her in the looks department. It would be really nice to know that I'm not a 6/10 like I've been told in the past (before I put on the little muscle I have)

    • there is nothing wrong with you but basically I can;t even see most of your face because of the glasses so I have no idea what you look like.