Can I pull off these?

So I just got glasses just for late night studying and for whenever my eyes are feeling itchy. Could I pull these off for only late night studying? I know I look better without, but can I pull them off?
Can I pull off these?

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  • The glasses suit you really good... I don't thing the majority voted A just to do you a favour!
    You really chose the right glasses :D

    • Thank you very much!

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    • Thank you so much! I really have changed a lot through a period of a year. Had jaw surgery, lost weight (only a few pounds) , cleared my skin, and changed my style.

    • Yeah and just looking at that smiling girl in the right pic say to me one short sentence: it works :D

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  • Yeah I think you can pull them off, lol

  • I feel like glasses with a thicker frame might suit your face better. But they're cute! Nothing wrong with them

    • Thank you! I was thinking that same thing to. But I guess because it's just back up pair for late at night, then it'd be okay. Thanks though!

  • You can pull them off

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