Any ideas to wear on the first day of school?

I'm gonna be a freshman in high school and I need some ideas on what to wear. I really want the haters, girls, and cool people to come at me lol.

Outfit 1:
- Light gray haters gonna hate Statler and Waldorf shirt
- Route 66 Black Varsity Hoodie
- Dark Khaki Twill Skinny Jeans
- Gray Crew Socks
- Black Jordan Velocity Shoes
- Spencer's Black/White Splatter Audio Backpack (that can take pictures)

Outfit 2:
- rue21's Men World Atlas Tee
- rue21's Grayscaled American Flag joggers
- Black and Gray Striped Crew Socks
- Black and Gray Jordan Flights Origin 2
- Spencer's Black/White Splatter Audio Backpack (that can take pictures)

Outfit 3:
- Young & Reckless Across the City Tee
- The New Standard Jordan Cargo Joggers Pant
- White Socks
- Gray Nike Roshe One
- Spencer's Black/White Splatter Audio Backpack (that can take pictures)

And finally...

Outfit 4:
- Black Tee with "EDJICATED" in white print
- Black Levis Pants
- Black Socks
- Black Nike Hyper Rev 2015
- Spencer's Black/White Splatter Audio Backpack (that can take pictures)

What do you guys think I should wear? And when you give me your choice, please give me a freshman advice.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, if freshmen came to school wearing what they think is "cool", they're in for a big surprise. Don't overthink it dude! if you're trying too hard, some mean old senior (lol me) might laugh at you. I know I would if I saw some freshmen guys trying too hard to look cool or whatever. The biggest rule of high school is to know your place. Upperclassmen HATE freshmen or sophomores who think they're all that (actually, seniors kind of just hate everyone).

    Dress comfortably. Don't expect too much, bc though we all have varying degrees of hatred for everyone, it's like an unspoken rule of high school to judge and look down on the incoming freshmen.

    Good luck!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Wear nothing.. trust me , best way of getting everyone's attention.

    • How did that worked out for you?

    • I got what I wanted , but reached home 6 hours earlier.

    • Maybe I should try that lol

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What Girls Said 1

  • Uhmmm wowww

    • What?

    • I don't know where what you want? And advice to a freshman would be don't be a douche haha don't care about what people think so much but don't be loud or annoying cuz I promise in a couple years you'll wish you weren't

What Guys Said 2

  • By wearing certain clothes people won't suddenly come at you lol.
    It's more about how you are/behave. Be outgoing and fun and people will come to you and enjoy your presence.

    • People I know is appealed at what you wear and how you wear it.

  • It ain't your outfit that will get people to notice you, it is your behavior and personality that gets you around.
    but wearing clean and good clothes will help stand you out.
    I like outfit 1. and outfit 4.

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