Girls, which pair of jeans does my ass look the best in?

I want it to look the best for girls. Which is the best in your opinon. Please no mean comments I honestly don't know and I am looking for some honest but not mean advice. I am trying to look good.

Ok, just to confirm I consider pair 1 to be the light blue pair of Levis jeans with the black shirt on and pair 6 to be the other light blue pair that is on a bit of an angle to the camrea in the photo.

Thank you.

  • Pair 1 The light blue Levis.
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  • Pair 2 The dark blue Levis.
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  • Pair 3 The blue Levis that are looser fitting.
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  • Pair 4 The black Levis that are looser fitting.
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  • Pair 5 The tighter fitting Lee jeans.
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  • Pair 6 The light blue pair on an angle to the camera.
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  • I am a guy and don't want to comment on this but I am curious to see what girls think.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • #1 and 6 are a Great fit and also for Dress #4 for a dark fitting suitable.
    You look Amazing, #Applefan1 in ALL.
    Good luck and good looking. xx

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    • Haha yeah. :)

    • LOL!!! @AppleFan1 :)) xxoo

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