What is your opinion on me?

Just curious what type of reputation I have here since I've noticed 2 people have blocked me for no reason.
I've decided to be more outspoken, even though people may not agree with my views. I feel that it is an important step in building self-confidence since I'm not going to bow down to others insecurities and emotions.

What is your opinion on me?

Feel free to leave your hateful comments below.

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  • How the hell can you tell when someone blocks you?

    And hi again! I voted positive. Too many people need to speak up instead of going with the herd. If your opinion is different, let it out. I can be very outspoken when I need to be, but I typically keep it to myself. Can't have everyone knowing the crazy shit my mind comes up with!

    But you? You're doing just fine. As someone else who is trying to work on her self confidence, I think you're on the right track. Keep on makin' them salty!

    • I saw someone post a comment I agreed with and I tried to give it a like but it said that I couldn't because I was blocked. Also a few girls when I've argued with them they just blocked me before I could respond, funny enough I wanted to block them first because they were Anonymous.

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    • Similar views such as what? Yeah I kind of loathe the anonymous option. I'm only okay with it if a person just wants to ask for help about something VERY personal. But the respondents? No way, give me those identities!

      Pssh. It takes a lot to offend me. First off, you have to be actively trying to hurt me for it to actually bother me. Like if someone calls me n** and I barely know them, it won't phase me. I'll just try to come back with a racial slur of my own (as a joke). But if I get a random, "Get the fuck out of my country, fucking n**." like I did from some guy passing me on the street a few weeks ago, then that's going to sting a little...

      But then so is your face after I kick it in for saying some dumb uneducated shit like that to me. B)

    • Well polyamoury, sexual preferences don't make someone rascist and our views on promiscuity.

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What Girls Said 4

  • yeah I've seen u once or twice but i haven't seen u as outspoken. frankly, i tend to admire people here who dont give a shit.

    being blocked is something i could not care about. like at all lol. if people can't handle my opinion, then blocking me is actually the best move to make.

    • I've seen you a few times as well.

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    • yeah tbh it's not that great here either but u will have people who agree.
      i've basically just been resisting idiots like that, so to them i do come across as bitchy. OH WELL.

      good luck lol =]

    • Thanks, I'm trying to follow you and it says pending for some reason

  • I've only started seeing you around recently and my opinion is neutral, which is the way I feel about most users here. There are people here that I really like and others that I don't like, but most fall into the neutral category, lol. I speak my mind here as well (of course within the site's posting guidelines), and been blocked many times by all kinds of people for having an opinion they didn't agree with.

    • Oh I also once got blocked because I live in Canada and so therefore I'm a commie and then said all these offensive things about my country. That's the message the guy sent to me right before blocking me, so I couldn't even respond.

    • If he thinks free health care makes us Canadians communist than he should look up the definition of communism lol

  • Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don't. :p

    You're good. 😊


What Guys Said 6

  • This is the first time I’ve seen you because I just signed up an hour ago but I’m outspoken (in real life, obviously … here I have no record because, well, I just signed up) but even so, I’m like answering every question I see just `coz I’m here, so, I might as well.

    But ummm yeah, I don’t care what your opinion is, even if it’s the complete opposite of mine, I’d still rather hear it/know it than not know it. I’d also love to know how the hell some people get “(Under 18)” as their age; I would sort of prefer that instead of it actually putting my age up `coz, well, I don’t know, (yes I do: part of me wishes I’d have known it’d do that and part of me wishes I’d have just said I was 18 or something) … people don’t take you seriously if you’re not 40. Anyway, that’s my problem, not yours.

    Be outspoken. I am.
    If people block you for no reason: fukc`em (am I allowed to say that?)

    If they “don’t like you" based on your opinions … same.

    Think about it — as long as you’re being honest, would you *want* people to “pretend” to like you? If you can’t handle opposition, if you can’t back up your story, if you can’t stand up for what you believe in, or if you can’t respect somebody’s right to hold an opinion that’s totally “wrong” in your eyes … then I don’t really care if you do block me.

    I mean, ooooh, Sarah blocked me, waaah! (Please.)

    You have a spine. Make use of it.
    You have a brain. Make use of it.

    As long as you can do that, and be civil, if anybody still has a problem, then, it’s their problem, not yours, and they’re not really worth crying over.

    My "two cents”.

  • I say positive cuz everyone deserves it. I am trying to be as nice as I can to people. I don't know you but I am not to judge just by what you say or post. Be positive to everyone

  • Dam.. meant to hit neutral but hit negative.

    I haven't noticed you around to have any opinion.

  • seen you around and people tend to block for silly reasons personally I haven't blocked someone

  • First time I've ever seen you.


  • Nothing wrong with being outspoken.
    I don't judge man, long as u don't judge me.

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